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Another sign o’ spring.  I don’t have to wear boots out all the time.  I can wear open shoes because the snow is (mostly) gone.  At least, it’s gone everywhere I’m currently walking.  Granted, I still have to wear socks, but I’m okay with that if it means quick on and off to get outside.  These mock-Crocs were given to me by a friend – I believe they are from Lands End.  They are amazingly comfy.  They were originally sand-colored, which you can see around the ankles.   Last summer I was wearing them while spray painting my wagon red.  One shoe got dusted with paint (and left quite a fun little pattern of paint on my bare foot) so the other had to be sprayed to match.  These leave interesting tan lines on my feet during the summer.   I learned last summer that if I paint my toenails then wear these around chickens, the chickens see the painted toenail color and peck at me.  So I have to pay attention to chickens…



Yesterday’s snow melted and we had another sunny warm day (truly psychotic weather we’re having).  There is a bank of earth that faces south and west and the chickens love congregating here on the sunny days and sun bathing.  Also, the woods are close should a hawk fly over.  They like that.


Alas, more snow.  This is where the dogs leap up to jump into the yard.  Just outside the door is a planter, about 2 1/2 feet tall.  The dogs prefer to jump up and over rather than go around.


I am so pleased with this shot.  I was on a slight hill outside, next to the sunflower seed basket.  The top of the tree is just at eye level then.  The chickadees are very bold and very unconcerned with the world of humans, especially if we hold still.    I didn’t have to crop this photo at all – my camera brought him in close and he just posed so prettily.   These are the days I love that I’m doing this – taking all these pictures.


For whatever reason, when it snows Phoebe likes to grab my heels while I walk.  It is both amusing and annoying.  I don’t let her do it since I got my new boots, though.  I don’t want her ruining them.  That didn’t stop  her from trying this time, and of course that meant I finally had to try to get a picture of it.  It took a few shots (she kept stopping when I would, to take the picture) but I finally got her with my heel fully in her mouth.  Silly dog.


Hobie sits under the swing in the yard, watching the birds on the feeder.  The slender brown pole has a thistle feeder on it, about 5 feet up.   The main takers there are the pine siskins, though the redpolls did stop there, and soon the goldfinches should find it again.  The chickadees prefer the sunflower seed basket and the suet feeder.  Unfortunately, Hobie is sometimes successful in his stalking.

A Common Redpoll. It appears they only were passing through, as I’ve not seen them since.