june 10 pen

June 10 – a view of the garden and chicken pen.  David built a little porch off the back of the coop and added roosts and the little chickens really like that.   The white tent looking thing to the far left in the back is the rooster pen.  They have a tent for a coop, but it serves them well.  Since they won’t be around come cold weather, it’s a good solution.  The white roofed coop is the brooder coop where the little chickens stayed until they got big enough.  I need to paint it so it’ll last awhile.   Palettes make good chicken roosts, which is why there are a number of those in there.  Once they were used to fence in little chickens (when we first got chickens last year) until the little chickens learned to fly up and roost on them.  Then they became roosts.  As you can see, they have a lot of room.  I’m hoping that since it is such a big space and not so many chickens, that they won’t turn it to dirt any time soon.