june 15 shrine

June 14 – I’ve had this small shrine box for quite some time.  A dear friend gave it to me back in Washington.  I finally put some things in it that meant something to me.  The heart-shaped rock I found in Yellowstone along with some slivers of obsidian.  The other white rocks are natural opals that haven’t been cut.  You can see some of the color in them in the photo, which pleases me.  The front one glows a deep indigo/violet and the other is more sky/teal blue (they shift a little – so that color isn’t reflected light or color, but color inside the rock).   Wee arms raised Buddha makes me smile and is standing in for Jizo since I couldn’t find a wee Jizo (and I had Buddha).  The shrine box is about the size of an ATC – 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.  It hangs in the Art Chalet.