june 16 eggs

June 16 – Those chickens caught me again with a Secret Chicken Nesting Ground.  The past two days had given me only 5 eggs.  I blamed the heat.  I was right, in a way, because it was hot in the coop so the hens found a place to lay their eggs.  I had searched the entire chicken yard, looking under things, moving things.  I had not looked behind *one* pallet that leaned against the fence (I had looked behind all the others) and this is where they had their eggs.  I only found it because someone missed and laid the egg outside the secret place.  I found 11 eggs there – all those that were technically missing from the previous days.

I also got an egg basket at last.  I’d been keeping my eyes open for the perfect little sturdy basket in which to collect my eggs.  Pockets of sweats are perilous!  Holding up my shirt when there is an unexpected bounty is also dangerous – too easy to break an egg and make quite the mess.  So now I have this lovely little basket and yes, I keep all my eggs in it.  It’s the only basket I have.

Brown eggs are so pretty in the sunlight.