june 18 pants

June 18 – For my birthday I bought three yards of this awesomeness fabric (xoxox The Cat, is the name of it) with the idea to make comfy pants from it.  It’s a nice soft cotton, perfect for summer comfy pants.  Well, I did it!  And they are comfy.  I did measure my outer leg and the pattern said it would be long enough, which it wasn’t, which is why I’m sporting those awesome orange cuffs.  I found that making cuffs is easier than hemming!  So my comfy pants from now on will include cuffs.

Because of the fabric, these pants make me happy when I wear them.  Because I made them, I know how to alter them, should they need it (because of my elliptical machine, see?)  So, I love them.  I will be making more.  They need 3 yards of fabric, though I’m thinking a bedsheet will work as well.  I have a sheet I bought just for making comfy pants from.  Since the sewing machine is currently out, I should do that.  They don’t take long to make at all.