june 19 fuchsia

June 19 – The local farm market has hanging baskets every year.  Gorgeous ones.  They also had fuchsias and I wanted one sooo badly.  However, I don’t have a good place for a fuchsia, or so I thought.  Then I remembered the Art Chalet porch and I bought myself a lovely fuchsia.  This photo is one I took at the market.  Not sure if it’s mine or not (thinking not based on second photo).  I chose mine because it was the only one with two colors of flowers.  They start off a purple, then change to (!) fuchsia!  I can’t reach around the thing it’s so big.  I almost killed it during out heatwave – I forgot it was out there!  I went out to find it horribly drooped.  Water and mist and time brought it back and now it’s a happy plant.  I’m happy to have it.  This second shot is actually from my plant.  I was playing around with my macro lens on the DSLR.


The color deepens and lightens a bit as the flowers get older.