june23 snake

June 23 – While I may not be up to speed on my flora, my fauna knowledge is good.  This is a baby (8″ or so) Eastern Hog Nose snake.  Colloquially, they call them Puff Adders, as they manage to puff up the sides of their heads, making them look like poison snakes, and they hiss and strike (which this little guy did do to me).  David swears they spit and can get you in the eyes.  I’m thinking that’s a local folklore type of thing.  Nothing in my reading indicated that habit.  Usually, if the hissing and puffing doesn’t work, they roll over and play dead.   I had seen one of these my first summer here, but none since.  I did find out they eat toads, which makes me a little sad as I rather like my toads.  I don’t see them often enough as is.

I love the way its tail is a little curlicue here.  I found the snake while looking through a pile of wood.  It didn’t scare me because I knew what it was.  I only get scared of snakes, I’ve discovered, when I don’t know.  I do get a bit of an adrenaline rush oftentimes, but not this time.  Maybe because it’s such a tiny snake.