june 29 tv

June 29 – First, this.  As I hit the paved road going to town I saw these guys, only at the time they were perched on a road-killed deer.   I’m going to use this image on David’s brother’s birthday card!  They try to out old each other on cards, and I think this will be a nicely fitting image.

In town there is a shoe repair place.  He’s been there quite awhile, and I hope he continues so that when my boots require re-soling, he can do it.  This sign always makes me smile, and this time I happened to have my camera with…

june 29 heel

Then I went home and it was baby animal palooza.  The mama squirrel brought the baby I saved from my cat (I assume it’s the same one, anyway) down to the feeder.  How cute is he????

june 29 baby squirrel

He’s perched there on the remains of my homemade bird bath.  David hit it with the mower (the big 44″ pull behind mower) and it fell to earth and broke into large pieces.  When I make another (I sandcasted it myself) I shall include some chicken wire in the cement to make it stronger.  For now, perched on a stump, it makes a nice feeder.  Later in the evening (at 9 p.m.), I had these visitors:

june 29 cardinals

My cardinals have had babies and they are bringing them by to show them where the good stuff is!!  I am so excited by this.  It’s the first time since I became a birder and bird feeder that I’ve had someone bring by the young ones.  I hope my chickadees out back will do the same with their wee ones.

june 29 fledgling

This one stuck around after its sibling and dad flew off.  It stayed until dark, peeping rather forlornly.  It has its wee crest!  I was hoping for some more pictures but most turned out rather blurry as it was overcast and 9 p.m., so the lighting was quite poor.  I’m sure they’ll be back, though, so I’ll get more pictures.