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july 8 dandelion1

July 8 – while out taking photos of new wildflowers (the goatsbeard have all turned to puffs, the buttercups are few and far between, the dandelions are for the most part through) I did happen upon this last of the dandelion puffs and decided to try to photograph it while I was blowing on it.

july 8 dandelion2

It sorta worked.  🙂


july 7 puff

July 7 – One of the goatsbeard puffs I mentioned earlier.   See how big?  I’m harvesting a couple to plant the seeds next year.  I like the flowers and the puffs.   I would prefer wildflowers in the Art Chalet meadow to the ferns that take over.  So I’ll plant them there.  Eventually I’d love to have a “real” garden out there full of many flowering beauties.  And a small picket fence with an arbor.  And a bench.  I have some plans formulating.  Soon I will begin implementing.

july 6 garden

July 6 – My garden what looks like a garden now, especially since David repaired the mower and we got it in there.  Before the mowing, there was foot tall grass/weeds at the ends of the beds.  Tomatoes on the left (properly staked and everything), peppers on the right and in the dirt area at the foreground, potatoes  (one hilled over) and carrots.  It really does help that it’s right next to the chickens, as I’m there at least twice a day so I keep an eye on my plants as well as the chickens.

july 5 door

July 5 – I took this picture because it amused me that you could so graphically see where the members of this family put their hands/paws on the front door.  No one uses the door knob.  Then I couldn’t tell if the smudges showed up or not, so I inserted wee arrows.  Also, an arrow pointing at the photographer, caught in the reflection.

july 4 phoebe grass

July 4 – We had fireworks last night over at the neighbors’ house, so today was rather low-key and quiet.  There were tentative plans to go kayaking at night to watch the fireworks in Cadillac, but I went to bed before dark and David was pretty tired as well.  Phoebe spent much of the day lazing about in the sun.  Here I caught her enjoying the grass.

july 3 avery

July 3 – Avery says “what?”  His head still has some dandelion fuzz pinfeathers but mostly he’s growing out into a lovely black chicken.  He now perches on the side of his bin to sleep.  Used to be he’d jump up and over but now he knows the distance and just jumps up.  He spends his day scratching about in the pine shavings for food and perching on either his water bowl or the side of his bin.  The top of his head now reaches the edge of the bin.  He’s considerably bigger than he used to be.  He’ll step up on my hand if I press it against him, though he doesn’t go as easily as Max! does.  He’ll ride on my hand or shoulder when we go outside.  I’m trying to get him out in the sun more often.  A chicken should get outdoors time.

july 2 squirrel

July 2 – bebe squirrel returns.  That’s a sunflower seed in his paws, so you can get an idea of his size.  The dogs are being driven to distraction because the squirrels chortle and squeak at each other.  If you’ve seen that ad for UP where the dog is talking and suddenly goes “Squirrel!” well, that’s these two here…

july 1 cardinals

July 1 – The cardinals return.  Got this nice shot of daddy feeding one of the youngsters.   You can just see the blur of the little one’s wing – it wags them to get attention.  This continues to be a source of great joy.