july 3 avery

July 3 – Avery says “what?”  His head still has some dandelion fuzz pinfeathers but mostly he’s growing out into a lovely black chicken.  He now perches on the side of his bin to sleep.  Used to be he’d jump up and over but now he knows the distance and just jumps up.  He spends his day scratching about in the pine shavings for food and perching on either his water bowl or the side of his bin.  The top of his head now reaches the edge of the bin.  He’s considerably bigger than he used to be.  He’ll step up on my hand if I press it against him, though he doesn’t go as easily as Max! does.  He’ll ride on my hand or shoulder when we go outside.  I’m trying to get him out in the sun more often.  A chicken should get outdoors time.