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july 12 bunny

July 12 – I was sitting in the chair with the cat on my lap.  I decided I wanted up and so shifted him behind me.  As I did, he saw something of interest and went ultra still.  I looked out to see this.   Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be after my veggies.  Of course, tomatoes are still green and zucchini is still very tiny (though rabbit sized, I suppose).  I just hope he doesn’t find my carrots.  Hours later, the dogs are still sniffing around these stairs, trying to figure out where it has gone.


July 11:  In which we are not happy.  Not happy at all.

I give you Exhibit 1:

july 11 bear destruction ex 1

The only one not destroyed beyond use is the hummingbird feeder.  It was carefully unscrewed from the base giving me the impression the bear (for that’s the culprit here) unscrewed it and drank it down.  Thistle feeder, broken.  Little house feeder, broken.

Exhibit 2:

july 11 exhibit 2

This feeder had previously withstood bear abuse.  Before it had been knocked to the ground and mauled.  This time I guess it was too firmly in the tree and so the bear, what?  hung from it with its considerable weight?  Snapped the base in half.  What’s worse?  It was empty to begin with…

Exhibit 3:

july 11 exhibit 3

The second of my thistle feeders.  What I didn’t get a picture of (because I was too mad at the time and just fixed them) was the bent over shepherd’s hooks – one completely bent to the ground.

So, it came by at 12:52 a.m. because that’s when the dogs went ballistic.  I got up to check but it wasn’t within range of my flashlight at the time.  I figured it was either bear or raccoon and didn’t want the dogs chasing either at that time of the night, so I told them to shut up and go to bed.

On a lighter note:

july 11 avery

Avery just keeps getting cuter.

july 10 bumblebee

July 10 – Bumblebee says “let me out!”  For three days in a row I had a bumblebee in the house.  They make quite the loud bzzzz.   Now I wonder, do they sting?  I kept catching them in a jar to take outside because I didn’t know.

july 9 pink

July 9 – my fascination with wildflowers continues.  This is with my macro lens, which is good because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the awesomeness of this tiny flower.  It’s about 1/2″ across and easy to miss, except for the bright fuchsia-ness of it.    It’s call a Deptford Pink and is related to dianthus.  With the naked eye it looks like a tiny bright pink star.  They do grow on long stalks (about 2 foot tall) so if you’re paying attention, you will see them out there in all the greens of summer.