july 14 psi

June 14 – I signed up for an art trade making “Plus-Size Inchies” (which are 1 1/2 inch square bits of art).  The theme was “what are you doing this summer?”  I’m waiting on eggs and playing with my chickens, bird watching, having watermelons, fighting bugs and learning my wildflowers.  All of these have a fabric base (though the watermelon rind is actual part of a paper towel that was under the fabric I dyed for my wedding skirt.  I saved it because it got dyed as well and was such a nice color!)  The bug one has a piece of real flyswatter sewn over a yarn squashed bug.  I had a lot of fun making these.  The original ones I tried were pictures printed on fabric and just weren’t very bright at all.  I found some inspiration in a magazine and the night before I made these I could hardly sleep because there were so many ideas flying around my head.  I woke up a couple times with more ideas and I jotted them down before going back to sleep.  That morning I woke up early and jumped right in.  It was GREAT!   The group I’m playing with is the Fabric Art Traders on yahoogroups.  It’s also known as F.A.T.  🙂  They have new trades every 2 weeks and give 5 weeks to make whatever it is.  The two trades going right now are making post cards out of aluminum cans (by sewing on them!) and making felted post cards with a summer theme.  Not sure about the can cards still, but I will be playing with my wooly bits.