July 21 -I bring you, Chickens Vs. Moths!  Guess who wins???

So yesterday morning as he’s leaving for work, David notices that there are many many moths on the garage door.  He comes back in and says I should let the chickens out to eat them.  I did and those chickens did quite a job removing the many many moths.  The next morning I went out with David and again, many many moths.  These are small brown moths that come from the tent caterpillars we had such a time with.  Strangely, the chickens will not touch the caterpillars.  Nor will they eat the cocoons.  But moths – oh, yeah!  I had brought them a branch with a tent full of caterpillars, thinking it rather resembled cotton candy and might be so for chickens.  No.

I went out to the chicken gate (under construction) and the chickens know the drill.  They are eagerly awaiting the moving of the pallet!

july 21 chix v moths 1

Yesterday they fanned out behind me in a running wedge (and let me tell you, the sound of many chicken feet running behind you is not something you will forget).  Today I hung back to get a picture of them.

july 21 chix v moths 2

You’ll note the single-minded rush for the garage door.

Here you can see some of the moths still left on the door and on the concrete – they are the dark spots on the white door.  They weren’t there long.

july 21 chix v moths 3

Yesterday there were about 10 times that many, especially on the concrete there in front.  It took the chickens about 2 minutes to finish them off.  Then I noticed that there are still moths up above chicken level and I took a stick and knocked them down.  The brown moths are still sluggish in the morning and they fall if you touch them.  Nom nom nom, say the chickens.