July 24 – We went kayaking again.  Sadly, we didn’t make it during June as David was gone much of the month driving.

july 24 david

Back to Olga Lake, peaceful home of the loons.  It was a beautiful day, though a storm came in.  David watched it and got us out of the water and home before it hit big.

july 24 loon

The loons actually came up to us and followed us awhile.  At one point both were within 15 feet of my kayak.  I would just stop to watch and the wind would push me around a little.   It was a little magical to have them come so close and be so unconcerned.  I didn’t see a chick yet.  Not sure when they hatch and all.  I’m sure with a bird of this size, the hatching time must be a few weeks (it’s 3 with chickens).  Something else I want to know!  (being at the library, I think it should be easy enough…)

july 24 water lily

Fragrant Water Lily – wildflowers are on the water, too!