july 27 linaria sm

July 27 – This is linaria (also known as Toadflax), growing in front of the house (taken with macro lens).  I fell in love with these flowers back in 1995 or so when I found them at a nursery.  Those were bright orange and pink.  They are small flowers and resemble tiny snapdragons.  When I mentioned I couldn’t find them any more, a friend sent me some seeds she bought on ebay just for me (this year she sent me red bell peppers when I couldn’t find plants).  I kept those seeds for many years (silly me).  I found them recently and tossed them in the coal scuttle out front where some Johnny-Jump-Ups and alyssum had reseeded themselves and where I had put a couple extra marigolds from the tipsy pot project.  Much to my surprise and delight, a number of them grew and are blooming in various shades of pinks and yellow.  Some are rather pastel; others, like these, are brights.  I know what the seed pods look like on these, so I am keeping careful watch so I can harvest them to grow again next year.   They do grow as wildflowers in yellow with orange (called Butter and Eggs) and in blues (Blue Toadflax) but I’ve not seen any wild yet.  If I do, I will be trying to collect seeds from them as well.  The ones I planted are on tall stalks, about 18 inches or so, and the flowers are small, about 1/2 inch.