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August 23 – First of all, hail Photoshop.  This picture, with the flash, was a huge bloody-looking mess!  With a little saturation change, it looks edible again:

I bring you lunch!  A recipe on the ol’ Oohshiny site:

235a aug 23 sammich

This is my go-to lunch of late.  Pizza panini (a recipe I devised), now featuring fresh from the garden grape tomatoes.  I use tomato paste applied to each slice of sourdough (because sourdough is best for panini).  One side gets sliced grape tomotoes and sliced mozzarella.  Seasoned tomato paste is very yummy.  Then I put the sammich together and give the outsides a quick spray of olive oil before putting it in the press, which at Chez Michaels is a Foreman Grill.  Then I get this for lunch:

235b aug 23 sammich

Nicely grilled with a bit of crunch, the cheese is melty heaven and the tomatoes are warm and delish.  The tomato paste keeps it from being sloppy.  I love this sammich.  Now I am hungry…


234 aug 22 hobie

August 22 – On the rainy days, Hobie has his schedule.  First he comes in from the garage (I make him sleep in the garage due to his early rising tendencies, which don’t agree with my “let me sleep” tendencies) and eats.  Then he goes outside for his personal time (he prefers sand to cat litter and thus hates the snow because it makes him use cat litter), then comes in, has a drink and goes to bed in our bed, since it’s just sitting there now.  Later he will come down for lunch, then a post-prandial nap in his chair.  Then it’s some more food and along about 7ish, he wants to go prowl.  This is usually when he brings me dead things, or worse, not so dead things he wants to bring in to play with.  gah!  Having a country kitty is very different from my house kitty days.

233 aug 21 raindog

August 21 – This is what happens when it rains.  Dogs want outoutout, please.  I open the door and Phoebe steps out, sees the rain, decides NO.  Sadie won’t even go out the door at all – she hangs back and grins at me as though she realizes how silly it is but hey, whatcha gonna do?

We’ve been getting good rain this month.  I haven’t had to water my garden at all.  We get a good soaking, some sun, some gentle rains, some more sun.  I have a rain gauge and keep track to make sure we’re getting the one inch per week that all the garden books recommend.  So far so good for August.

232 aug 20 woods

August 20 – Another day, another walk.  This time rain had turned our woods gorgeous with the fallen pine needles.  Sadie had found something and Phoebe is rushing over to be part of it.  They do so love walking in the woods.  They are much better at staying with me, although sometimes they will take off after a creature.  They always come home when they’re done chasing though.  Sadie, especially, as she hates to be away from me as much as she loves to chase.  Phoebe always follows her home.  Sadie was the best addition to our family we could have gotten.

231 aug 19 sadie bright

August 19 – see the tiny white specks in the greenery at Sadie’s feet?  Those are Eyebright, a teeny twee flower which I had a picture of a couple days ago.  Tiny!!  Dogs and I took a walk.  It was nice.

230 aug 18 dilly beans

August 18 – I made dilly beans using the linked recipe, mostly because it offered amounts of brine based on how many beans you had.  The first jar was made from my own homegrown beans.  I had just enough to fill a pint jar and knew I wouldn’t be eating them any time soon, so it was perfect.  Then I decided I should have more and went to the farmers market.  I bought a container of green beans and one of yellow beans and mixed them in the jars.  I look forward to noshing on them.

229 aug 17 self

August 17 – self-portrait with camera (the big one).  I wanted a picture like this for the cover of my Project 365 scrapbook.    Also, raining like crazy so I didn’t want to go outside.  Yes, a sweater in August.  It is warmer this month, but in my house in the early mornings,  it gets rather chilly.  So, sweater.

228 aug 16 eyebright

August 16 – This wee wildflower is growing in profusion along my favorite path through our woods.  From my eye level it is merely tiny spots of whitish color but since I’m learning my wildflowers, I got down closer to see.  Then I brought it home to take its picture (didn’t have the camera with me at that point).   I believe the ballpoint pen tip gives a good size relationship.  It’s called Eyebright and was used in the distant path (when wildflowers were considered medicinal) for eye problems.  It looks like a very teeny twee iris.

227 aug 15 flowerbed

August 15 – I believe I mentioned how I have nasturtiums and sunflowers growing together and how cheerful it looks?  Here it is.  Next year I’ll be doing the same but with more sunflowers in more colors.  I love sunflowers.  They always make me smile.

226b aug 14 aiiiieee2

August 14 – yeah, so the chickens got out.  I was gathering the broody hens to put them in their own pen to stop the silliness.  Sadie wanted to see what I was up to and opened the gate and the hens all said “wheeee!!!!” and ran for it.  Fine, I think.  Let them eat some bugs.  I did not expect this!  So, I went out to check on the tomato’s progress, hoping for the ripeness to be at picking level, and this is what I find. Oh, the humanity.  Or tomato-inity.  Or whatever.  The worst part?  Stoopid chickens don’t even LIKE tomatoes.  They were just seeing what it was.  Since they don’t have hands, they use their beaks.  They left me the pecked carcass of my first tomato…

226a aug 14 aieeee

so so sad.  They had only pecked one side, so I chopped it in half and popped the remains in the fridge.  Now the tomatoes are encircled with chicken wire and boards, to keep stoopid evil chickens away…