216b aug 4 treed

August 4 – While I feed the chickens the dogs usually run off into the woods to do what David calls “Perimeter Check.”  This morning I heard them barking their “we got something” bark (I am continually amazed by how much I can recognize in the barks of these dogs.  David, since he isn’t around them as much, tends to get up to investigate every time they bark.  I tell him “that’s just the “it’s a truck!” bark” and stay put.)  Anyway, I grabbed my camera and went to investigate the barking.  Now I see that it is small, but at the base of the tree you can see Phoebe.  At the top of the photo, in about the middle, on a branch, is a dark spot.

This is the dark spot:

216 aug 4 raccoon

Mr. Raccoon stayed put, never moving, the whole time I was there.  I even took the dogs on the neighbor’s loop path for a walk and he was still there when we got back.  Of course, by then the dogs had forgotten about it, so they didn’t mind coming home with me.

I guess summer is just a bountiful time around here for flora and fauna…