222 aug 10 avery

August 10 – The weather has been rather strange with daily thunderstorms followed by sun.  Makes for interesting photo lighting.  This afternoon I took Avery outside for some sunshine while we had it.  Being black, he got a bit hot rather quickly.  I’m trying to figure out a way for him to get out more often.  Looks like he’s going to be a pet chicken for a long time – turns out Silkies don’t do well in snow as their fuzzy feathers don’t hold heat like regular feathers do.  I mentioned building a better home for him and David agreed.  I think the fact that Avery is such a genial little chicken makes it easy to have him around.  It’s rather like having any other pet bird, only he’s quiet except for little cooing sounds.  Also, I’ve taught him to eat from my hands.  We have a seed moth problem here due to Max!’s cockatiel food.  They’re really bad in the summer and I find them flying all over.  Well, I started feeding the ones I smack to Avery and he finds them quite yummy.  In fact, it’s at the point now where when he hears me smack on, he coos, asking for it.  When it’s offered up, he takes it very softly from my fingers – no big peck with the beak, just a soft picking up.  Endears me to him all the more.  (with a disclaimer that we still don’t know for sure if Avery is male or female and probably won’t until he either crows or lays an egg.)