234 aug 22 hobie

August 22 – On the rainy days, Hobie has his schedule.  First he comes in from the garage (I make him sleep in the garage due to his early rising tendencies, which don’t agree with my “let me sleep” tendencies) and eats.  Then he goes outside for his personal time (he prefers sand to cat litter and thus hates the snow because it makes him use cat litter), then comes in, has a drink and goes to bed in our bed, since it’s just sitting there now.  Later he will come down for lunch, then a post-prandial nap in his chair.  Then it’s some more food and along about 7ish, he wants to go prowl.  This is usually when he brings me dead things, or worse, not so dead things he wants to bring in to play with.  gah!  Having a country kitty is very different from my house kitty days.