August 23 – First of all, hail Photoshop.  This picture, with the flash, was a huge bloody-looking mess!  With a little saturation change, it looks edible again:

I bring you lunch!  A recipe on the ol’ Oohshiny site:

235a aug 23 sammich

This is my go-to lunch of late.  Pizza panini (a recipe I devised), now featuring fresh from the garden grape tomatoes.  I use tomato paste applied to each slice of sourdough (because sourdough is best for panini).  One side gets sliced grape tomotoes and sliced mozzarella.  Seasoned tomato paste is very yummy.  Then I put the sammich together and give the outsides a quick spray of olive oil before putting it in the press, which at Chez Michaels is a Foreman Grill.  Then I get this for lunch:

235b aug 23 sammich

Nicely grilled with a bit of crunch, the cheese is melty heaven and the tomatoes are warm and delish.  The tomato paste keeps it from being sloppy.  I love this sammich.  Now I am hungry…