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267 sept 24 sunrise

Sept 24 – One of the things I enjoy about autumn is the days getting shorter.  It means I’m more likely to catch things like this.  I stayed out to watch the day begin and it was grand.


266 sept 23 fallen wood

Sept 23 – *sigh.  See all that wood in front?  It *used* to be stacked on top, nearly 6 feet high!  David tells me after the fact that it was probably too high.  So now I’ll pick it all up, load it into the trailer and move it to the front of the house for easy access when the cold comes.  The nights are already cool enough to make me close the window, which had been open for months.   Won’t be long before I need my first fire.  I have already begun collecting newspaper, cardboard and other scraps for firestarting materials.  I need to find a box to contain it.

Also, it rained rather unexpectedly (and heavily) before I got my wood covered.  Now I’m letting it dry and will cover it before the next expected rain this weekend.  It should all be fine, except for the still fresh logs, which were in the trailer when we had 2 inches of rain over 2 days and thus filled the rest of the trailer with water.  Those might need a bit of extra drying time.

265 sept 22 violet

Sept 22 – I got myself an African Violet for the first time in many, many years.  I last had them in California, which was 13 years ago, and I don’t remember if I had them in Los Olivos or not (thinking not).  It may have been since 1993 or so since I had African Violets, and I had a lot of them then.  I had the perfect Southern facing window in the kitchen and they loved it there and flourished.  I hope I can do well with this one in these very different circumstances.  I always did like the ones with two colors.

264 sept 21 avery

Sept 21 – Avery at nearly 5 months.  I’m beginning to believe he is a she, due to the lack of fanfare on top of his/her head.  I think I shall post a query to the Backyard Chicken Forum and find out.  There are many knowledgable chicken fanciers there, including many who raise silkies.  By 5 months, I think you’re supposed to be able to tell.  Silly little chicken, regardless.

263 sept 20 glads

Sept 20 – Gladiolas were $1.99 a bunch.  How could I resist with colors like these?  They made me quite happy.  I love buying myself flowers from time to time.  Next year I plan to put in more flowers (including glads) just so I can have some to pick and bring in.

262 sept 19 pollinator

Sept 19 – So I see this bumblebee rooting around in the boy flower on my zucchini, which is still trying to produce even though is has mightily failed this year.  I think some uncharitable thoughts at the bumblebee and my reward was to watch it fly off without visiting the female flower.  From now on I shall think only charitable happy thoughts at pollinators.

Look at all that pollen it could have deposited in the female flower.  I might have gotten a zucchini before the frosts came…

261 sept 18 woodstack

Sept 18 – stacked more wood yesterday.  This run is closer to 9 foot long.  The previous stack is over 5 foot tall now, as I stacked some well-seasoned maple up top.  I still have 2 stacks of wood to add to this, so I’m pretty sure we have a cord of wood right now.  It’s about 3 1/2 trees worth.

260 sept 17 sadie

Sept 17 – I love this dog.  It’s so nice feeling safe because of her.

259 sept 16 sadie trapped

Sept 16 – You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?

I let them out for a romp.  Phoebe came back alone, which is very unusual.  Sadie usually comes back without me calling (she has to protect me, you know?) and Phoebe follows.  This time Phoebe came back and Sadie wasn’t coming when I called.  Finally something inside said “something would have to be keeping her from you” and I remembered the trap.  Yep.  Silly dog.  Still, it did take 2 whole days before she succumbed.   I think she looks embarrassed.

258 sept 15 woodstacked

Sept 15 – So guess who is stacking all that wood we split?  That would be me!  This is just at a face cord, which is 8 foot long by 4 foot high by however deep the wood is split.  I have at least this much more to still stack, which will give us a bit over a full cord, which is 4′ x 8′ x 4′ deep.  David says it won’t be enough for the whole winter, so we will indeed be finding more wood to split before the snows come.   Still, this makes me feel happy and secure (plus all country-girlish because hey, I split and stacked all this wood!)