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261 sept 18 woodstack

Sept 18 – stacked more wood yesterday.  This run is closer to 9 foot long.  The previous stack is over 5 foot tall now, as I stacked some well-seasoned maple up top.  I still have 2 stacks of wood to add to this, so I’m pretty sure we have a cord of wood right now.  It’s about 3 1/2 trees worth.


260 sept 17 sadie

Sept 17 – I love this dog.  It’s so nice feeling safe because of her.

259 sept 16 sadie trapped

Sept 16 – You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?

I let them out for a romp.  Phoebe came back alone, which is very unusual.  Sadie usually comes back without me calling (she has to protect me, you know?) and Phoebe follows.  This time Phoebe came back and Sadie wasn’t coming when I called.  Finally something inside said “something would have to be keeping her from you” and I remembered the trap.  Yep.  Silly dog.  Still, it did take 2 whole days before she succumbed.   I think she looks embarrassed.

258 sept 15 woodstacked

Sept 15 – So guess who is stacking all that wood we split?  That would be me!  This is just at a face cord, which is 8 foot long by 4 foot high by however deep the wood is split.  I have at least this much more to still stack, which will give us a bit over a full cord, which is 4′ x 8′ x 4′ deep.  David says it won’t be enough for the whole winter, so we will indeed be finding more wood to split before the snows come.   Still, this makes me feel happy and secure (plus all country-girlish because hey, I split and stacked all this wood!)

257 sept 14 trap

Sept 14 – Animal Control brought by this trap after I called about the chicken massacree.  They also brought some bait – Pedigree smooshy food.  I saw the dog this evening, so I’m hopeful.

256 sept 13 queen anne lace

Sept 13 – Queen Anne’s Lace is blooming nicely.  Evidently you can harvest the roots – they’re wild carrots.  The roots are large though.  More interesting was seeing someone batter and fry the flowers.  They claim they taste carroty.  I’m willing to try it.  David insists he’s allergic (probably just to the pollen) and won’t try the flowers so I’ll have to do it when he’s not around.

255 sept 12 puzzle

Sept 12 – I went to a meeting of MIABA – the Michigan Altered Books group.  They meet 4 times a year, alternating between east and west areas of the state.  This time it was in Muskegon, which is a 2 hour drive for me.  I didn’t mind so much, though.  The meeting was held at a scrapbook store (Scrapbook 101).  I arrived a little late, as the soup I made for the potluck took a little longer than I expected (as did the drive).  When I got there, I found a room full of tables filled with ladies creating away.  They offered an altered puzzle class, which is what the picture is above – my finished project, actually mounted.  This is where I fell in love with the Cuttlebug, and I have since bought one (love it for embossing but it’s also a die-cut machine!)  The paper for the puzzle pieces was double embossed with swiss dots and the bird and vine folders.  I accidentally put the paper in upside down on a couple of the dots pieces, then realized I liked that and made sure to do some right-side up and some right-side down.  There was a table with all the colors of Adirondack ink pads you could hope to see and sponges to sponge color on.  I went with my normal blue/green/purple colorway (can’t seem to help myself) and loved how it turned out.

Mostly, it was just great to be exposed to all that creative energy.  I did meet a couple people who live closer (within a couple hours) and I met Pam Yee, who I’ve known online for years now through the Belle Papier group.  She’s the one who told me about MIABA.  The creative energy will keep flowing for awhile now, which is the best gift of the meeting.  I really needed that boost!

255b puzzle piece sept 12

This piece is where the dots are debossed.  Above you can see embossed.  I need the swiss dots!

254 sept 11 fallfield

Sept 11 – The view outside my door.  Just a hint of color here, though the ferns are beginning to brown and some leaves just fall.  I’m planning to rake this year (don’t usually bother) to add the leaves to my compost heaps.  I love this view, though.  Some mornings I just stand and admire it awhile.

253 sept 10 chix

Sept 10 – at least my chickens still come up to me.  When we built their pen, it was my idea to use these trees as fence posts to give them some shade.  They love it over here and spend much of the day dirt-bathing and spending time in the shade.

252 sept 9 eggs

Sept 9 – Been a bad day for chickens.  Bad week, actually.  I discovered that the hen who laid the lovely blue egg here had a tumor and she had to be put down.  This evening a wild, hungry dog came by and killed two of my Buff hens.  Poor Sadie, who has determined that protecting me and the chickens is her Job, was forced to listen and watch from the dog pen.  The wild dog (someone dumped it off, probably – there’s a lot of that going on around here.  Wexford county in Michigan has 20.6% unemployment and Osceola probably isn’t much better – we’re right at the lines of both, living in Osceola) grabbed them on the road and dragged them into my driveway to eat on them, but that’s when my dogs went into alarm barking and I went out to see what was going on.  While I was observing the carnage, the dog came back for its dinner and I shooed it.  Then I went to let mine out and they gave it a merry chase.  It tried coming back twice more and mine chased it away then came back home to watch over us.  Made me feel good about my dogs.  I realized some time later that my chickens are used to big black and white dogs, so that’s why the wild one got close – it resembles Sadie a bit.

Poor Papi, the rooster, ended up with a sprained foot or broken toe – hard to tell – trying to protect his hens.  When I got out there, he ran up past the house and didn’t come out for awhile poor thing.  I got all the other chickens penned and it was quite the shock for us all.