246 sept 3 woodpile

Sept 3 – We rented a log splitter and went to town on the wood we had sitting.  This is one of 5 stacks we did.  There’s a fallen pine tree cut into rounds.  I can split rounds by hand if necessary, though we’ll probably rent a splitter again when he comes home again (whenever that may be) and finish off the pine plus glean some from the property next to us (city owned and harvested – we’ll be collecting the scraps that have just sat there over a year now).

I did most of the splitting while David ran the chain saw.  I pulled up a chair and went at it.  He thought the chair was silly until it was his turn to split.  Then I noticed it followed him around as well.   It put me at the level of the work, which meant less wear and tear on the back, you know?   I also stacked as I went, as putting it on a stack takes the same amount of time as tossing it into a pile (so guess who did this pile?).  David told me I was wasting time until I demonstrated – no extra time, less energy expended.

My inner ant is delighted because we are set for the winter, or will be before the snows come…