252 sept 9 eggs

Sept 9 – Been a bad day for chickens.  Bad week, actually.  I discovered that the hen who laid the lovely blue egg here had a tumor and she had to be put down.  This evening a wild, hungry dog came by and killed two of my Buff hens.  Poor Sadie, who has determined that protecting me and the chickens is her Job, was forced to listen and watch from the dog pen.  The wild dog (someone dumped it off, probably – there’s a lot of that going on around here.  Wexford county in Michigan has 20.6% unemployment and Osceola probably isn’t much better – we’re right at the lines of both, living in Osceola) grabbed them on the road and dragged them into my driveway to eat on them, but that’s when my dogs went into alarm barking and I went out to see what was going on.  While I was observing the carnage, the dog came back for its dinner and I shooed it.  Then I went to let mine out and they gave it a merry chase.  It tried coming back twice more and mine chased it away then came back home to watch over us.  Made me feel good about my dogs.  I realized some time later that my chickens are used to big black and white dogs, so that’s why the wild one got close – it resembles Sadie a bit.

Poor Papi, the rooster, ended up with a sprained foot or broken toe – hard to tell – trying to protect his hens.  When I got out there, he ran up past the house and didn’t come out for awhile poor thing.  I got all the other chickens penned and it was quite the shock for us all.