266 sept 23 fallen wood

Sept 23 – *sigh.  See all that wood in front?  It *used* to be stacked on top, nearly 6 feet high!  David tells me after the fact that it was probably too high.  So now I’ll pick it all up, load it into the trailer and move it to the front of the house for easy access when the cold comes.  The nights are already cool enough to make me close the window, which had been open for months.   Won’t be long before I need my first fire.  I have already begun collecting newspaper, cardboard and other scraps for firestarting materials.  I need to find a box to contain it.

Also, it rained rather unexpectedly (and heavily) before I got my wood covered.  Now I’m letting it dry and will cover it before the next expected rain this weekend.  It should all be fine, except for the still fresh logs, which were in the trailer when we had 2 inches of rain over 2 days and thus filled the rest of the trailer with water.  Those might need a bit of extra drying time.