269 sept 26 peppers

Sept 26 – My peppers, however, are not cooperating.  So a trip to the Farmers Market netted me a sink-full of lovelies.  The Amish farmer had a huge wooden crate (you could ship a few people in one, if you folded them well) full of bright red peppers at 75c each.  Current grocery rate is $3.99 a lb, which nets about 2 peppers of this size.  The farmer also gathers together the smaller peppers and sells them in a batch of about 12 for $3.  I got two of those and half-dozen of the bigger ones.  Also bought some green ones from other vendors.  These will be chopped and frozen as well as halved and frozen, so I can easily roast them for soup in the coming months.  I’ll have to make room in the freezer so I can make another trip and hopefully have enough peppers to last til next season.  Not sure if I have quite enough freezer space, but I will certainly try!  Some things are that important…three or so of our favorite meals feature bell peppers, and it’s nice to be able to just reach in and grab dinner fixings without fussing about how much they cost.