274b oct 1 frost

Oct 1 – the weather guys got it right.  Lots of frost.  Standing water had 1/4″ of ice on it.  I got outside before the sun started melting it to take pictures, and got to watch the morning warm up.  I like how the sun/shade makes patterns in the frost while I watch.

274 oct 1 frosty leaf

The part I couldn’t capture was how the leaves on the trees sparkled when the sun hit them.  Frost outlines are pretty, too.  I was happy for fingerless gloves and a wooly wrap.  Looks like we’ll be pulling down the winter woolies when David gets home (the bins are in the overhead in the garage and a bit much for just me to handle…fortunately, because I know me so well, I keep some woolies out through summer and inevitably need them at some point.)