280 oct 7 ew

Oct 7 – I have no idea what has gone so horribly wrong with my tomatoes.  The icky spots cover both tops and bottoms.  They are slightly soft to the touch, but not squishy.  I did use a couple in canning that weren’t quite so affected, and the weird spots pulled out when I was skinning them.  They sorta freaked me out, so these have gone out to the compost heap and the chickens are pecking the good parts.  This happened to ALL the tomatoes that came in from the garden area.  I’m not sure if it’s earlier frost damage or something more sinister, but I certainly am not pleased to have lost 50 lbs of tomatoes to it.  I did end up with 3 pints of taco sauce, 3 pints and 2 quarts of diced tomatoes.  Not enough, considering how many I harvested.  So sad…

On the other hand, my pepper plants were rather prolific after all.  When I gathered the tomatoes, I also pulled in the peppers and got a couple pecks of jalapenos, a half dozen or so Anaheims and a big bag of small green bells that will be fine chopped and frozen.  So that part was good.  I also got a couple pints of green beans earlier, a lot of carrots (so good, if small), 3 cucumbers (which I pickled) and about 2 lbs of potatoes.  Next year there will be fewer tomato plants (and hopefully I will figure out what went wrong), carrots planted at intervals, more cucumbers, potatoes, peas and green beans.  I received an heirloom seed catalog in the mail and the top is bristling with post-it page markers.  🙂  Hopefully next summer will be warmer and more condusive to plant growth.