281 oct 8 skulls

Oct 8 – Yesterday was David’s first full day home after a month on the road.  His first night home, he stayed up all night to conquer Halo 3 ODST, so yesterday morning was spent quietly sewing these for the FAT trade of Day of the Dead fabric postcards.  I’m discovering I enjoy doing these small pieces by hand.  And note that I did use the rolled binding I learned last week, and I love how it looks.

I have never done much quilting as I found it too fiddly when I was younger.  Recently, though, I have been introduced to my kind of quilting, which is more freestyle and less dependant on the fiddliness – this is one of the things that got me started.  It will be my next quilt, once I finish the summer quilt quilting (missed my “end of summer” deadline – just wasn’t feeling it).  The quilts I have purchased have been more free hand (though my log cabin is very straight and pattern-y) and show the work being done – that’s what I like best, I think.  So now I find myself more into fiber and fabric than previously and actually doing some things with it.  What really surprises me is seeing how my previous endeavors have given me a very solid skill set when it comes to handstitching and embroidery – I’m pretty good at these things!  So the small lovely quilts are calling me now.  It will be interesting to see what they tell me.