288a oct 15 journal

Oct 15 – This is the fabric journal I created from the inspiration gathered at the art girlz meeting.

Here is a detail shot of the front:

288b journal front

The little girl is me at 3 or so, wearing a cowboy hat.  I colored it a bit with some color pencils as the original is a black and white photobooth picture.  The doll is holding a ceramic chicken button.  I got the little headstand monkey at the bottom from a vending machine at the laundromat for 25 cents.  The background fabric is a skirt I cut up – actually bought it for the fabric because I liked it so much.  It’s a size 6 and thus never to be in my wardrobe!  But it sews up into lovely things.

This is the back:

288c journal back

I wove fancy yarns in the spine, where the signatures are attached.  The sewing was a bit loose because of the fabric so I wanted to protect them somewhat.   The egg and words came from a digital scrapbooking kit by my friend, Dawn.  You can see that here.  I printed the photo, eggs and words on fabric with my inkjet printer on special fabric by Jacquard.  It takes the ink beautifully.  The little round piece is a washer I picked up while walking through a parking lot with David the week before.  It was shiny!  He rolled his eyes and told me to quit.  I included it on the journal just to show him that I DO indeed use the things I acquire.  Proving it to him just made him laugh.  The little tag on the spine is stamped on one side with “play.”    The inside of the journal is a floral-printed polar fleece.  I found a remnant for $1 and it will make a few more journals or perhaps some mittens.