291 oct 18 barn start

Oct 18 – The chickens seem to realize it’s for them!  The barn being laid out.  The kit caused us some grief to begin.  It was supposed to be complete – only paint and shingles needed!  David unloaded it yesterday only to find it was missing the frames.  He called the store and they said “oh, I see there’s a second bundle.”  David drove down (it’s 35 miles away!) and came back loaded with another bundle.  Unloaded it only to discover it was the EXACT same thing!  No frames.  He calls back.  They investigate.  Tell him to come back.  They would deliver but their truck got in an accident.  So, David loads up the repeat kit and drives down again.  Only to be told that frames don’t come with the kit.  He points out the “only paint and shingles needed” part.  The manager said “well, you brought back a kit, correct?” and then told David to return that kit (using our receipt) and purchase the frames using that.  So, our $700 kit suddenly cost us only $188 (I don’t know if the manager just didn’t care or didn’t realize the maths involved, but we were okay with it since David had  spent what was supposed to be a building day driving 140 miles and arguing and being frustrated by the waste of time).  Anyway, we decided that we would expand since we had extra funds now and the barn is going to be 12 x 16 (coming in 8 square feet under the building permit requirement!).  The chickens will have an 8×8 insulated room inside, and the rest will be storage for kayaks and tools and such and will not be insulated.  It’s going to be such a cool building!

I brought Avery outside while I painted the door trim.

291c avery

You can just see that he does indeed have blue skin around his ears…such a pretty color.

Also this day (such an eventful one!) I saw the “missing” hen again.  One of the Ameraucanas had figured out how to fly out of the chicken yard whenever she wanted.  She went missing for over a week and I figured she had either been eaten by something or was brooding a nest somewhere.  When I saw her a couple weeks ago, she was broody as all get out so I knew there was a nest somewhere.  I looked but did not find.  Today I saw her and decided to follow her when she went back to it.  Then I realized she did not leave the garden.  I went to the one uncultivated wild patch in the garden and found…


291b nest

12 blue eggs.   I looked and saw a cracked one and picked it up.  Fortunately I know enough about chickens to listen to a cracked egg – it peeped!  So it was pipped, not cracked.  I put it back with mom and realized we were going to have chicks within the day.  I spent much of my afternoon prepping the mini coop and chicken run, so the babies would be safe from the flock.  I’m leaving mom on the nest outside until the chicks hatch, then I’ll move them.