295 oct 22 hank

Oct 22 – David quit his job with the boat hauling folks.  Too tired of ill-maintained equipment and chasing his pay down – the two cardinal sins of a trucking company as far as he is concerned.  So today we loaded Hank (my wee truck there) on his trailer and took a road trip to Indiana to return the big truck, as that was their closest terminal.   It was something of an adventure getting up on that trailer, but he did it.  The trip cost us about $50 with gas and food, but we got to have Popeye’s chicken and red beans and rice so it was definitely worth it 🙂   Also, no more job frustrations.

On his way home from quitting (long story short – his truck had a bad battery, they would not fix it so he couldn’t turn off the truck or it wouldn’t start = last straw), he stopped by a company he had done some work with in the past and they snatched him up, giving him a job driving solo even though technically they only hire teams.  He said he could feel the love and that it felt good.   He starts with them on Monday.

Hank is a 1989 Toyota pick-up – no brand name other than Toyota because that was before vehicles were all called something other than “pick-up”.  He has 240,000 miles on him, and he runs like a champ.  I don’t plan on replacing him anytime soon because I’m rather fond of him and he comes in handy living in the country.  I call him Hank because someone else referred to him as “The Beast” and in the X-men comics, The Beast is a character named Hank.  It’s a very roundabout geeky thing.  I hope to eventually have him painted blue, so he’ll match his namesake.