297 oct 24 chicks

Oct 24 – mama hen has the chicks out.  Are they too cute or what?  There are varying degrees of brown on the wee heads.  All have those bright orange legs and I’m not sure where they come from as Buffs have pinkish legs and the Ameraucanas have greenish-grey legs.  There really is no telling what they will look like as I had a chick (Ameraucana) that looked just like this one and when she feathered out she was brown and speckled.   So watching these grow and feather out will be very interesting.

297b hen n chicks

Mama and babies are doing well.  Yesterday they went outside but then the chicks couldn’t get back in the coop and when I found this out, mama was rather wet but the babies were safe and warm and dry.  I rigged up a better ramp and they spent the night indoors.  A break in the rains had them outside again.