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Nov 24 – It’s not quite done yet, but this is my new kitchen rug.  I found a blank canvas floor cloth for 49 cents at the Restore in Cadillac.  My current kitchen rug is an old Tony Stewart Nascar rug David had gotten for me at a truck stop.  Since Tony’s no longer with Home Depot and, really, the orange doesn’t work for me in the kitchen, I decided I wanted something new.  When I found the canvas, I realized I could paint what I wanted and attach it to the old rug rather than throw it out.  And what else could go in my kitchen but chickens?  The composition was taken from a nifty fabric calendar I found for next year, but rather than paint them in the bright, floral folk art style the calendar is in, I chose to paint them to look like my chickens.  More or less.  There’s some detailing yet to do.  Then I will need to apply some floor wax over the top to protect my painting.  I’m pleased with it, though, and I believe it will brighten up the area quite a lot.


Nov 23 – I saw these feathers on the ground and wondered what they’d look like at ground level.  It’s just the way my brain works when it comes to my camera.

Nov 22 – an all chicken post!   It was sunny and nice and the chickens were cooperative.

One of the chicklets perchin’.  Because they can, unlike sheep…

I’m not sure why, but while I was out near them, suddenly all the chickens flocked together and started preening.  The strange part was they chose a smallish space and huddled together fairly tight.   I liked that I could get a picture of many of them.  Sadly, one of the Wyandottes (the black and white ones) has gone missing.  I will be very sad in a couple weeks if she doesn’t show up with chicks.  Her name is Lacey.  That leaves me with just 2 Wyandottes, if she is truly gone.  I’m hoping she just went broody and hid a nest.  I’m not good at finding these ladies on nests, so I just keep my fingers crossed for awhile longer.

I cropped this picture.  It’s Papi’s tailfeathers.  I just loved the colors and they way they hang.

And when the light went all golden, the wee chicklet brood came up to the front stoop and were hanging out in the planter.  This one shows the nice mix of colors on them – the gold with the brown wings.



Nov 21 – Taken from a speeding Hank – this is the only bright color out there right now.  Without the snow everything is shades of tan and grey, except for these bright red berries.  Haven’t learned what they are yet, but they are pretty, especially in groups like this.

Nov 20 – This is one of the sock monsters I received in the swap.  Her name is Ms. Gobblegoop and I’ve been warned to keep her away from the books (she eats them!).  Currently she’s noshing on some tickets, buttons and wordstrips from a book.   She was made by Leilani, whose blog you can see here. I love getting Leilani’s art because she uses words gleaned from books as part of the story in the art, and she’s very talented at it.   The swaps are part of the Fiber Art Traders group on Yahoo and I would recommend them as a fun group to swap with as well as to learn with.

Nov 19 – I offered to make a hat as a gift and was told orange was the color.  The dark orange is a commercial yarn.  The light orange is one I dyed myself, so it’s sorta stripey and works well as the second color in the design.  I love being able to knit in colors now.  It’s amazingly rewarding.

Nov 18 – I needed a picture of apples for a recipe card I was making.  So, I took one and I like it.   Honeycrisps, of course.  Those are the only apples in the house when they’re in season.   These are destined to become apple butter as soon as I’m feeling better.  Some viral thing has caught me – not the flu as I don’t have a fever or chills or other symptoms.  I just hurt and am very very tired.

Nov 17 – Speaking of Avery eggs, here are three, along with a regular Buff egg.  I don’t think this picture shows the size difference well, but her eggs are about half the size of a large egg.   2-3 make a nice breakfast.  🙂

I’m curious what Buff/Silky chicks would look like!

Nov 16 – More chicks, but this time with a lesson.  This chick above is a pullet – a female chick.  Note the sort tail and general roundness to her.  They seem to carry themselves more parallel to the ground

A cockerel – boy chick.  The tail is the real giveaway – notice how it is longer and rather like a little puff on his bottom.  They also appear to stand a little taller, more perpendicular.

This doesn’t work with all chickens but I have noticed it does work on Buff Orpingtons.  Silkies, for instance, you can’t tell what sex they are until they crow or lay an egg (although Avery started acting hen-like a week or so before she laid her first egg – if you moved too fast around her she’d crouch like you were a rooster about to mate her – it was a little disconcerting).

Nov 15 – Opening day of Firearm Deer Season means that the dogs have to wear safety orange vests when they are out (so do we, if we leave the property).  I got the vests on clearance, and they don’t fit as advertised.  While they fit around the dog waists, they don’t fit necks, so I hooked them through their collars.  I will have to fix that eventually.   I’m just pleased to have something for them so I don’t have to worry too much.  The next two weeks will be a challenge because the dogs are used to some free-running time, and there won’t be any of that while there are gun-toting fools in the woods.  This afternoon there was apparently someone down in our woods (which is trespassing, idiots!).  Sadie didn’t rush them, but sat on the ridge above and looked very concerned.  I mentioned it to David and he said, “oh really?” and came out with his 22.  He fired into the air above the woods (it’s a steep drop off down, so nothing to worry about) and then we shot at the sandbank he has set up for that (I’m pretty good!).  Some time later he saw a couple guys walking along the road and David said they gave him quite the evil glare.  We’re pretty sure it was the ones from the woods and that they had gotten the message and were going around to return to their vehicle.

The neighbors got a spike buck the first day and he brought me over the skin.  I want to give tanning it a try.  I think it will be awesome to make my own leather out of something that was going to be discarded.