300 oct 27 woods

Oct 27 – Sunset in our lower woods.  I was down in the woods because I had just stepped outside with the dogs.  They had headed over to the barn area and I was walking that way when I heard a strange cat-like scream from the woods in back of me.  I turned and started that way, calling for the dogs as I went.  They shot past me and there was something there (never did figure out what, and I don’t know if it was Hobie screaming at something or the something itself making the noise) because the dogs chased it off through the woods.  That means it wasn’t a raccoon, possum or porcupine, as none of those creatures can run that fast.  The dogs went off into the woods and I followed and called them back.   Eventually they returned, quite muddy from having ventured down into the boggy part of the woods.  Meanwhile, I got to watch the sunset through the trees.