302 oct 29 watching

Oct 29 – The dogs watching the road.  This year they have been very good about NOT chasing cars.  I guess they grew out of it.  Sometimes they are a little too intent on the watching, though.  If we’re on a walk, Phoebe will still try to chase cars that pass.  As they approach, she knows to lie down, but if I take my attention off her or the car slows too much, zoom, off she goes.  This is the one area where they ignore me, sadly.  I can call them in from the woods with a single call and they come in.  But if I try to call Phoebe off a chase, she actually speeds up, which is aggravating beyond telling.

The watching is also for passers-by.  If someone should dare to walk by our property, off they go in full voice.  It doesn’t happen often, and they are getting better about stopping at the end of the drive way, evidently recognizing it as the end of their responsibility.  It does scare people, though, which I don’t like.  Again, if I try to call them off, they speed up.  It doesn’t happen often enough or regularly enough to offer a good training, though.