304 oct 31 pumpkin

Oct 31 – Happy Halloween (late, since I’m posting after the fact).  I bought pie pumpkins and have them outside in part to keep them fresher (it’s cooler outside) and in part as decoration, not that we’ll have any trick-or-treaters.  I don’t even buy candy.  It would just get eaten by me.  I’m going to cook up the pumpkins as soon as I learn (from the internets) how to store the pumpkin goo.  I’m also considering spiced pumpkin seeds as well.   Looks like Thanksgiving will be at the neighbors’ this year (yay!) and I plan to make a pumpkin pie (or tartlets, which offer a good ratio of pumpkin and crust) since I know a dairy-free recipe that no one realizes is dairy-free.  Then David can enjoy without consequences.