Nov 6 – Hobie on the stoop.  Wonderful lighting again – we’ve been having a lot of sunshine and surprising warmth.  Temperatures in the 50s and sometimes 60s.  Laundry has been getting done.  Critters have been enjoying the day.  Hobie likes to sit and watch the dogs and chickens and birds.  I think he’s a pretty lucky cat because he gets to be outside but not around traffic.  He gets called in at night so he doesn’t have to worry about predators.  He can sleep on any of the furniture and if he wants to be alone to sleep, he usually heads for our bed in the loft.  The dogs can’t get up there.  Oftentimes when I go to bed I find a sleepy cat warming my side of the bed.  I always thank him for that.

If you look over his right shoulder you can see one of the volunteer Johnny Jump-ups that are still blooming at the base of the wall.  I can’t believe they’re still there after snow and continuous frost, but the base of the wall appears to be rather protected.