Nov 7 – This is what I think of as a money shot, even if I don’t get any money for it.  I went out to take pictures of the chicks as we had more sunshine.

Here’s another:

In this one, that silly little blackberry vine kept getting in the way.  Little chicks like to sit on mama’s back.  Anyway, as I was taking these pictures, Potpie alerted the flock with his “big bad overhead bird” call (sounds like a brrrrt!, very different from the bah-guk guk guk! that is the “there’s the cat” call) and I know that’s what the call is, so I instantly look up and around, rather than ground-level and around and there is a hawk (probably a broad-wing hawk) swooping in on my chickens!  I had been sort of crouching over the chick pen, so it probably didn’t see me.  I stood upright and waggled a finger at it and said “I see you there!!!” and it banked up and flew over us all and into the woods.  It was rather exhilarating.  I only wish I’d had my camera up and ready because it would’ve been quite a lovely picture.

This is the second time I’ve seen hawks near the chickens.  The first time, it had struck a little white Ameraucana I had (and she died as a result).  The dogs had rushed into the house barking like Lassie and got me to go outside with them.  Sadie ran out and set the hawk to flying.  My birder reaction was “ooh, pretty” while my chicken-loving/owning self cursed in a rather unladylike fashion.    This time we were all safe though because I was out with them.