Nov 15 – Opening day of Firearm Deer Season means that the dogs have to wear safety orange vests when they are out (so do we, if we leave the property).  I got the vests on clearance, and they don’t fit as advertised.  While they fit around the dog waists, they don’t fit necks, so I hooked them through their collars.  I will have to fix that eventually.   I’m just pleased to have something for them so I don’t have to worry too much.  The next two weeks will be a challenge because the dogs are used to some free-running time, and there won’t be any of that while there are gun-toting fools in the woods.  This afternoon there was apparently someone down in our woods (which is trespassing, idiots!).  Sadie didn’t rush them, but sat on the ridge above and looked very concerned.  I mentioned it to David and he said, “oh really?” and came out with his 22.  He fired into the air above the woods (it’s a steep drop off down, so nothing to worry about) and then we shot at the sandbank he has set up for that (I’m pretty good!).  Some time later he saw a couple guys walking along the road and David said they gave him quite the evil glare.  We’re pretty sure it was the ones from the woods and that they had gotten the message and were going around to return to their vehicle.

The neighbors got a spike buck the first day and he brought me over the skin.  I want to give tanning it a try.  I think it will be awesome to make my own leather out of something that was going to be discarded.