Nov 16 – More chicks, but this time with a lesson.  This chick above is a pullet – a female chick.  Note the sort tail and general roundness to her.  They seem to carry themselves more parallel to the ground

A cockerel – boy chick.  The tail is the real giveaway – notice how it is longer and rather like a little puff on his bottom.  They also appear to stand a little taller, more perpendicular.

This doesn’t work with all chickens but I have noticed it does work on Buff Orpingtons.  Silkies, for instance, you can’t tell what sex they are until they crow or lay an egg (although Avery started acting hen-like a week or so before she laid her first egg – if you moved too fast around her she’d crouch like you were a rooster about to mate her – it was a little disconcerting).