Nov 22 – an all chicken post!   It was sunny and nice and the chickens were cooperative.

One of the chicklets perchin’.  Because they can, unlike sheep…

I’m not sure why, but while I was out near them, suddenly all the chickens flocked together and started preening.  The strange part was they chose a smallish space and huddled together fairly tight.   I liked that I could get a picture of many of them.  Sadly, one of the Wyandottes (the black and white ones) has gone missing.  I will be very sad in a couple weeks if she doesn’t show up with chicks.  Her name is Lacey.  That leaves me with just 2 Wyandottes, if she is truly gone.  I’m hoping she just went broody and hid a nest.  I’m not good at finding these ladies on nests, so I just keep my fingers crossed for awhile longer.

I cropped this picture.  It’s Papi’s tailfeathers.  I just loved the colors and they way they hang.

And when the light went all golden, the wee chicklet brood came up to the front stoop and were hanging out in the planter.  This one shows the nice mix of colors on them – the gold with the brown wings.