Nov 24 – It’s not quite done yet, but this is my new kitchen rug.  I found a blank canvas floor cloth for 49 cents at the Restore in Cadillac.  My current kitchen rug is an old Tony Stewart Nascar rug David had gotten for me at a truck stop.  Since Tony’s no longer with Home Depot and, really, the orange doesn’t work for me in the kitchen, I decided I wanted something new.  When I found the canvas, I realized I could paint what I wanted and attach it to the old rug rather than throw it out.  And what else could go in my kitchen but chickens?  The composition was taken from a nifty fabric calendar I found for next year, but rather than paint them in the bright, floral folk art style the calendar is in, I chose to paint them to look like my chickens.  More or less.  There’s some detailing yet to do.  Then I will need to apply some floor wax over the top to protect my painting.  I’m pleased with it, though, and I believe it will brighten up the area quite a lot.