Nov 26 – Happy Thanksgiving!  They were right about the snow.  It just keeps falling…

Yesterday was spent preparing for today – I made cornbread for dressing (since it doesn’t get stuffed in the turkey, I suppose I shouldn’t call it stuffing), a pumpkin pie (from a pumpkin, no less!), boiled eggs for deviled eggs.  I had a couple dozen older eggs so technically peeling them should’ve been easier, but it wasn’t really.

A couple weeks ago, the neighbors had invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them, and we had happily accepted.   I’m so glad we did because David was in Las Vegas and I was alone.  I headed over early to help with more preparations.  I ended up fixing gravy (Laura says she doesn’t know how and had it on her grocery list  to BUY until I gently scolded and scratched it off – there will be no store-bought gravy if there is turkey juices to be had!)  There ended up being quite the crowd – their boys were home, the eldest with his girlfriend; their 2 grandmothers, a great-grandmother, a grandfather, aunts and uncles and cousins.  I knew everyone, more or less, having met them at a couple other family functions.

Most importantly to me, there were puppies!!

This is Tater, the neighbor’s new puppy.  He’s part heeler and part German Shepherd:

This picture will be printed and framed for the neighbors…

And this is Princess, a beagle/Walker mix (not sure what a Walker is – they kept saying Tennessee Walker, which as far as I know is a horse, but it could be a regional thing).  Every time she saw my camera she ran at it so I give you Extreme Puppy Close-UP!

I love puppies.  I left my own dogs home because they are rude in crowds.  They feel they must challenge anyone who comes in, even though it isn’t their house.  They are generally welcome there, except when there are many visitors, due to the barking.

I had a good day.