Dec 8 – before the storm

A big storm is on the way in.  At first they wouldn’t even predict how much snow.  Then they started saying at least a foot.  I went to town for supplies then started gathering chickens and put them all in the barn in their new room.  It’s not completely finished (doorless, for instance) but it’s so much better than a foot of snow!  I put two wooden sawhorses in for roosting, as well as a couple bales of straw.

When it came time to put them in, the chickens had already gone to their wee coop to roost.  While I was setting up the new room, they had come in to see what I was doing, and I had hoped they would stay.  Alas, not to be.  Fortunately, when I got out there, the baby chicklets were still hanging out near the chicken entrance to the new room.  I sat Sadie down at the front of the barn and circled around the back, catching the chicklets between us in a run with the barn on one side and the chicken yard fence on the other.  I called Sadie to me, then had her stop after a couple steps.  The chicklets moved towards me.  I stepped towards them and they tried to run towards Sadie so I had her come closer.  After a couple more movements, we had pinchered them in to where their only choice was to go inside the new coop area.  I put a board in the doorway to keep them there, as trying to catch them any other way would not have been fun.  Mama chicken had already gone to their small coop and was clucking for them.

Next I began gathering the other chickens.  Most everyone submitted to being picked up rather calmly, most notably Papi, the rooster, who just let me pick him up and never struggled.  The most difficult was mama chicken, who fought me then screamed bloody murder when I finally caught her.   I had to make numerous trips as I can only carry two at a time and no one was willing to just walk.  I finally got everyone in and settled before the snow really started to fly.  They seem quite content in their new area.