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Jan 16 – David is home.  Hobie is bored and cabin feverish.  I pulled out the cat fishing pole and fun was had.  I prefer this to the evil Red Dot o’ Doom (David’s laser level) because Sadie doesn’t get too involved with the pole but turns crazy with the RDoD.  Of course, Sadie was outside at the time or I wouldn’t have been able to get mid-leap photos – Hobie won’t leap when she’s right there.  Sadie tries to catch him…


Jan 15 – This is the simple journal I made following Teesha Moore’s YouTube Video.  It makes a 16 page journal out of a single large parent sheet of watercolor paper.  This one is actually bigger than that because I used two sheets.  I didn’t find it necessary to buy a $70 page tearer, either.  I used a board I found in the garage.  For the second one I made the other day with the art girls, I used an 18 inch ruler and moved it as necessary.  The very idea of a $70 page tearer made me laugh!

The pages have been prepared with a variety of acrylic inks for vivid colors.  I’m using this as an journal for the art journal journey I’m taking (thank you,  Dawn!).  I also added a new page for this journey and it’s showing up in the sidebar under Art Journal Caravan.

Jan 14 – Hobie decided my sewing project supplies were toys and attacked this t-shirt.  It’s a lovely tie-dye that is going to be the inside of a bag I’m making.  The outside is another shirt, one with Invader Zim doodles all over it – I looked to see if I could find a picture online but couldn’t, so you’ll have to wait til the bag is complete.  The shirt was far too small for me, but I had to have it.  After meeting the art girls, I realized I could make a nifty bag out of it!  Yay for new arts!

Jan 13 – A fairly rare flash picture.  The day was just overcast enough to make things blur, so I had just turned on the flash and caught Sadie like this.  I’m finding the flash on my DSLR isn’t as harsh most of the time.  I’m also noticing a crispness to the pictures, even at lower resolutions, that I like a lot.

Jan 12 – Hobie was lying asleep on the chair with his front paws covering his eyes.  Too cute!  But when I got out the camera, he sensed my presence in front of him and opened up, moving his paws.  I liked the arrangement of paws, so took this picture instead.

Jan 11 – the dogs playing in the snow.  I’m trying to capture their exuberance and it’s proving difficult!  This almost does.  I figured out I will have to use the rapid fire shooting option of my camera, which takes a number of shots in a row.  Just have to remember to turn it on!

Jan 10 – I decided I wanted to take a picture of where the sun’s setting each month, to plot its course.  I remember where it sets in summer (way to the right of this!) but wanted something more visual.  So each month on the 10th, I shall take a picture of the sun setting.  I will have to move forward because the house will block it come summer, at least from this position.  I had to take this month’s from here because there is a 2 foot high snowbank on the walkway where David pulled snow off the roof and left it.  Now it’s thick with ice and I’m waiting for a thaw to clear it off.

I like the way the single icicle lights up.

Jan 9 – Sadie’s back.  She had just yawned or licked her lips or something when I snapped this.  It looks like she’s talking.  Of course, she does that a lot, so it’s good to have a picture that captures that part of her personality.  It’s an annoying part of her personality, but we get by.

Lots of wood left back there!  Today I got some good exercise spiltting some of it for kindling in the morning.  Since the day was beautiful and clear and cold (maybe 20 degrees as a high), I figure tonight will be bitter and it’ll be cold in here when I get up.  I’ll want the fire to start quickly…

Jan 8 – A small still life I captured when trying out my new wireless remote.   I finally got it working and got three copies of this picture.

Jan 7 – Hobie Cat.  I still remember the look on the vet’s face when he walked in and said “hey, Hobie Cat,” then paused and said “oh! I get it now!”  (For those who don’t know, a Hobie Cat is a kind of sailboat – the cat is short for catamaran).  I felt very clever naming him Hobie, especially since we sail and David loves his boats.)

Hobie has kitty herpes.  It is not transferable to humans.  Mostly it means his eyes get runny if he gets stressed or if we forget his meds, though it can also affect his respiratory system and he’ll get sniffly and sneezy.  It’s very common in cats these days.  My Topaz had it as well, only we didn’t have medicine for it then, and it essentially ruined his one eye.  Hobie’s meds are available through  The vet charges twice what Amazon does, so it’s a no-brainer for us.  Essentially, it’s L-Lysine (which inhibits the growth of the virus by filling the uptakes in the nervous system or something like that) in a tasty paste.  Hobie actually asks for it daily so it’s hard to forget.  When this picture was taken, though, we’d run out and were waiting for the delivery.  In the three days since getting back on the stuff (little kitty junky), his eyes have cleared up and he’s much happier.