Dec 20 – Avery, up close and personal.  She’s gone broody the last couple days and spends her time sitting on the edge of her box.  The chicken book thought a silkie would lay at least 108 eggs before going broody.  The chicken book doesn’t know my chickens.  These are the chickens who after laying their first eggs suddenly go broody, hide and raise up batches of chicks.  If Avery had a boyfriend and fertile eggs, I’d probably let her sit on a batch, just to see what the chicks would look like.  Amateur chicken husbandry is fun.  Rather than going for fancy purebred lines, I like to see what happens when they mix it up.  Perhaps later I’ll play with purebred lines, assuming I could get the chickens I want.  Right now they seem to only be available overseas – chocolate bantam Orpingtons – yum!  *That* is a lovely chicken.  I’m also interested in blues.  I love the Orpington breed and plan to keep Orpingtons while I have chickens.  I do like the Wyandottes as well, and will probably keep them too.  I like my chickens fluffy and sweet.