And we’re off!  This day’s photos were not taken with the Big Camera (Sony A100 DSLR) but rather the Sony Cybershot.

These are my 3-inch sketchbook/journals.  I used a very nice paper designed for use with pen and ink and made these 6 twee books to work on my pen & ink skills.  The first drawing is pleasing but that isn’t necessarily the case each day.  I’ve also given myself permission to miss a day here and there and not beat myself up about it.

The first drawing:

Around the drawing is the story of the chickadee my cat caught on New Year’s Eve.  I heard a horrendous squeaking at the door and opened it expecting to find Hobie with a mouse.  Instead it was a chickadee.  I intervened and made him drop it, and it flew off!  It went into the unfinished bedroom and I could not find it.  I let Hobie in to see if he could, but he couldn’t either.  About an hour later I glanced that way and saw the bird perched on a box flap, calm as could be.  I went into the bedroom and closed the door and it flew to the window.  After some fluttering, I caught it, only to discover chickadees have very powerful beaks for their size as it started gnawing on me for all it was worth.  This is a chickadee I hope mates and passes on its spunkiness and survival instinct.  When I opened my hand outside, it flew off.  What a tale it had to tell its friends!