Jan 3 – This picture is by request.  A friend (hi Dawn!) wanted to be able to see my “stove” such as it is and show it to her husband.

My home is small – 540 sq ft, plus an 8 ft sq laundry room added on.  When the bedroom gets finished (it’s about 9 ft sq, I believe), we’ll be close to 700 sq ft.  Since this was never intended to be a permanent dwelling, there is no permanent kitchen, which means no stove.  For the longest time we had a tiny dorm fridge but when we started eating more veggies, we needed more space and thus got a small fridge.  My “stove” is a toaster oven and a single burner (that’s the third burner I’ve gone through in the past 4 1/2 years).

While it’s small, I manage to get a lot done with it.  In fact, I’ve learned to cook really well in spite of it.  I’ve cooked 4-course turkey dinners with this set-up, so it’s not all bad.  That said, I can’t wait until I get a real stove and can cook more than 1/2 dozen muffins at a time.  🙂