Jan 7 – Hobie Cat.  I still remember the look on the vet’s face when he walked in and said “hey, Hobie Cat,” then paused and said “oh! I get it now!”  (For those who don’t know, a Hobie Cat is a kind of sailboat – the cat is short for catamaran).  I felt very clever naming him Hobie, especially since we sail and David loves his boats.)

Hobie has kitty herpes.  It is not transferable to humans.  Mostly it means his eyes get runny if he gets stressed or if we forget his meds, though it can also affect his respiratory system and he’ll get sniffly and sneezy.  It’s very common in cats these days.  My Topaz had it as well, only we didn’t have medicine for it then, and it essentially ruined his one eye.  Hobie’s meds are available through Amazon.com.  The vet charges twice what Amazon does, so it’s a no-brainer for us.  Essentially, it’s L-Lysine (which inhibits the growth of the virus by filling the uptakes in the nervous system or something like that) in a tasty paste.  Hobie actually asks for it daily so it’s hard to forget.  When this picture was taken, though, we’d run out and were waiting for the delivery.  In the three days since getting back on the stuff (little kitty junky), his eyes have cleared up and he’s much happier.